List of Divinity ASP Tutors

Marjorie Gourlay is in the final year of a PhD at the Centre for the Study of Religion and Politics (CSRP) under the supervision of Professors Mario Aguilar and Sabine Hyland. She has over ten years of teaching and writing experience, most recently as a Research Associate for the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide and as a tutor for Practical Theology and Christian Ethics.

Cameron Smith: “I’m a 3rd year PhD student, I did my undergrad and masters at St Andrews and now live in Edinburgh. Real-world jobs I’ve had include The Cheesy Toast shack (go for the Mac ‘n’ cheese) and early morning cleaner in the students’ union (thanks to everyone who ever dropped a £5 note by accident).”

Matyas Bodi is pursuing a PhD in Divinity at the University of St Andrews’ Centre for the Study of Religion & Politics. Prior to his PhD studies, he was a radio reporter, editor, and presenter with Hungarian Radio for seven years. In addition, he has worked as a narrator in a range of media productions and served as a moderator at political and business conferences. He holds an MA degree in Theology and another MA degree in Communication and Media Studies.

Kimberley Anderson (a.k.a. Billie) studied English Literature at St Andrews before living for a year in Germany as an English teacher, waitress and musician (founding a pop/folk songwriter band named Anderson & Sargent). Upon her return to St Andrews she has continued to pursue all three of these interests: music, education and hospitality. Although she has greatly enjoyed tutoring and bartending in recent years, currently her energies are focused on her PhD in utopian, spiritual and transformative experience for progressive rock listeners, and the wonders of parenting a 2 year old. Teaching kindergarten music lessons and running a busy, artsy cafe might be future dream jobs alongside academia.



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