img_5878Beatrise Bandeniece is teaching How to Write a Divinity Essay during the 2017 semester.  Having completed an MA in Theological Studies in St Andrews, she is currently an MPhil candidate studying the teachings of the medieval Cistercians and Premonstratensians.  She also has an interest in classical music and has played in the Chamber Orchestra and Symphony Orchestra during all her years at St Andrews.

Cress, GraydonGraydon Cress is teaching How to Reference Well in a Divinity Essay during the 2016 semester. He is a PhD candidate researching ‘Perichoresis and Theosis’ with the Rev. Dr. Stephen R. Holmes. Before coming to St Andrews, Graydon studied theology in the USA. He also worked as an academic advisor where he met with students and taught courses on college life and study skills.



EarnshawRebekah Earnshaw is teaching How to Do Well on Exams during the 2016 semester. She is a third year PhD candidate ‘Creator and creation according to Calvin on Genesis’ and is working with Prof. Mark Elliot (formerly Prof. John Webster). Before coming to St Andrews, she studied engineering and theology and then worked for a church in Sydney, Australia. Now she has traded cricket for golf, coffee for whisky, and sunshine for dreight. But one day she hopes to make it back to Australia again.

Marian Kelsey is teaching How to Do Well on Exams during the 2017 semester. She is a PhD candidate researching the Book of Jonah. She first came to St Andrews as an undergraduate to do an MTheol degree. She then did a Masters in Biblical Studies at Durham University before returning to St Andrews. At the moment she is studying inner-biblical allusions in Jonah as part of a wider project on the book’s literary contexts.

David Rathel Picture NewDavid Rathel is serving as School Coordinator for the Academic Skills Project in St. Mary’s College. He is a PhD candidate under the supervision of the Rev. Dr. Stephen R. Holmes. He is researching the soteriological convictions of John Gill and Andrew Fuller, two British Baptist theologians. He is an ordained Baptist minister and served as a minister in a congregation in the US before arriving in St. Andrews. When not working, he enjoys time with his family—especially his new daughter.

Oh.tomThomas J. Savage is teaching How to Flourish in Your First Year of University during the 2016 semester. He brings a diverse background to his seminar; he has waited tables, recruited IT professionals, worked in academia, and pastored and planted churches. He has lived, worked, and studied in Africa, Switzerland, Japan, and France. He is presently completing his MLitt with the Logos Institute here in St. Mary’s College.


fileJonathan Rutledge is teaching time management in the spring semester. He has a PhD in philosophy from the University of Oklahoma, where he taught and studied the past 6 years. Currently, he is a PhD student in theology working on the nature of Christian forgiveness with Prof Alan Torrance, especially focusing on the relevance of forgiveness to the Atonement and Christian eschatology. On a more personal note, Jonathan has an obsessive, yet healthy, enthusiasm for coffee, dogs, board games and his brilliant spouse, Bethany.

Speakman_TutorBrett H Speakman is teaching How to Develop Effective and Efficient Study Skills during the 2017 semester. He is a PhD candidate in the Institute for Theology, Imagination & the Arts (ITIA) under the supervision of the Rev. Prof. Trevor Hart and Dr. Judith Wolfe. His research is an interdisciplinary and diachronic exploration of the interface between the imagination and Christian apologetics, with particular attention to the writings of G.K. Chesterton and C.S. Lewis. Prior to moving to St Andrews, Brett pursued an MA in both the History of Christianity and Historical Theology at Wheaton College, while working at the Marion E. Wade Center at Wheaton College as a graduate research assistant. Currently, he serves as the Co-Editor of Book Reviews for the Journal of Inklings Studies and Senior Editor for Transpositions: Theology, Imagination & the Arts.

jarretRobert Van Tine is teaching Research Skills during the 2016 semester. He does so with the conviction that knowing how to research will produce better work in less time. He is currently a PhD Candidate studying the restoration of the temple and the priesthood in the Gospel of Matthew under Dr. David Moffitt. His favorite things to do are to read the Bible, spend time with his kids, and teach CAPOD courses!